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    When disagreements become disputes, arbitration can offer parties a more cost-effective, quicker, and more private path to a settlement outside of court. In the case of litigation cases, FinApt Consultants understands local law and our in-depth experience extends across the UAE and we have provided consultancy and financial reports from an independent and expert point of view to lawyers and Judges for use in legal cases across multiple industry sectors.


Legal Actions

If our clients suspect that they have been subject to fraud, either through customers, vendors or employees, our business audit can discover this through identifying discrepancies in accounts and present reports that can be used when legal action is taken.

We have a strong track record of providing services to liquidators, legal firms, corporations, and individuals. FinApt Consultants scan assist with

  • Preparation of consultancy reports which are referred to by lawyers or other parties during the legal process to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the case.
  • Companies’ management on behalf of partners as legal guardian.
  • Property management on behalf of heirs in inheritance cases.
  • Financial reports on fraud cases
  • Liquidate companies as per UAE law

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